Key Issues

Issues and Values

These are some of the Issues that are important to Dakota.  These are the Values and Issues that he intends to fight for.


The brainwashing of the youth of Missouri has to stop.  The disregard for facts and radicalization has become too much.

No CRT in the Classroom

Teaching our children that they should be ashamed of themselves because of the color of their skin is absolutely crazy.  It seems the Left has forgotten “Judge them not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”.  It’s hard to erase such a profound message.  No matter how hard they try.

School Board Impeachment

With the radical school board members across the country threating to have parents arrested for voicing concerns.  We need to implement the ability for the parents of a school district to remove those school board members from office and revoke their power to silence concerned parents.

Bring Patriotism Back To The Classroom

In schools across the country and in the heartland of Missouri they have removed the love for America.  No more Pledge of Allegiance because that could offend someone.  When did we agree to remove teaching a Love for our country from the classroom? 


From failed Energy plans implemented by corrupt politicians to relying on Foreign countries that hate us for our oil.  America needs to do better.

More Domestic Oil and Coal

When the Government decided to shut down the coal mines in the Appalachians they destroyed thousands of jobs and our Energy sustainability took a hit.  They hid behind nonsense like Climate Change and Emission Regulations as an excuse to push their agenda.  Then we saw in 2020 the Keystone Pipeline axed before completion killing more trade jobs.  Gas prices soared and America lost its foothold in self reliance on Oil.  What did they do next?  That’s right, working to close yet another Pipeline to push their Dark Winter narrative.  It’s time we fought back.

Lower Energy Bills

With all these Federally funded programs, energy restrictions and bills pushed through Congress.  Why has the price of electricity not halved for every household in America?  That’s right, because the fine print of the Energy bills only give 10% of that funding to the energy sector.  The rest goes into more failing Socialist programs and policies to not only syphon more tax payer money but to cripple America.

Constitutional Rights

Our founding fathers knew what they were doing when they drafted the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.  They were thinking ahead to prevent another Tyrannical governing body.

Unwarranted Censorship

We’ve all seen how the media and big tech turned against anyone with a differing opinion.  If your voice wasn’t in line with their agenda then you were made out to be the enemy.  The media has spit on our First Amendment right to Free Speech.  They’ve thrown actual Journalism out the window and peddled snake oil and lies to the entire world. No more.  They should be held accountable for their actions!  If Big Tech wants to censor opposing views on its public forms and completely silence those they don’t agree with then we will revoke their protection from liability!

No 2nd Amendment Restrictions

The founding fathers knew that an armed militia is the only way to keep a Radicalized Government in check.  With each new bill they pass more and more regulations and restrictions on not only guns but ammo.  The governments job is to maintain a standing army to protect against Foreign threats.  NOT to tell We The People how we can and can’t protect ourselves. 

Election Integrity

In every single election since the drafting of the Declaration of Independence there have been cheaters.  Those who would diminish the integrity of our elections by counting or submitting more votes than people that actual voted.  The 2020 election was the worst we as a nation have seen since 1876 when Hayes won by a 1 point vote and was settled by Congress through a thorough investigative committee.  We need better Election integrity.  Voter Identification, Limited Mail-In Voting and No More External Voting Equipment.

Innocent Before Proven Guilty

As we seen with the Rittenhouse case.  The Left will stoop to any low and peddle their lies.  No matter what the facts are the media will fabricate what ever they need to defame and slander an innocent man.  Racism, Social Injustice, Cancel Culture.  All tools to divide us and shift our focus away from the truth.  Facts over Feelings.


The Government has failed every single one of us.  Whether it be by implementing Authoritarian mandates and laws or failing to provide protection from domestic terrorist groups looting and burning entire cities.

Excessive Taxation

While Taxation is a necessary evil in Government and a Civilized Society.  Taking 40% of anyone’s income is down right Tyrannical.  When did the Government profit more than God?  Leviticus 27:30 says, “tenth of the produce of the land, whether grain or fruit, is the Lord’s, and is Holy.” and Proverbs 3:9  says, “Honor the Lord with your wealth, with the first fruits of all your crops.”  10% of our wealth goes to God.  Why are we giving 4 times that to the Government?? 

Governmental Overreach

Government Overreach is a major problem.  The criminals in Washington think that they know best.  They believe they have the right to control the people.  Telling us what we can do, how we can do it and even deciding whether or not we are allowed to work.  Sounds a lot like a communist regime, not the America I know.  The America I know has a Constitution that grants all Americans; Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness.  We have God given rights that no Government can diminish.  The right to freely traverse the United States and the right to make a living to provide for ourselves and our families.

Radical Agendas

From the “Defund The Police” chants to the Autonomous Zones.  These despicable politicians think they can let rioters and looters run rampant but arrest peaceful protestors.  No more.  If you block a street or burn down a local business you deserve to be arrested.  More so, the jury of your peers should consist of the citizens that live in those neighborhoods you looted and vandalized.  Not the criminals that helped you.


The Economy is a vital part of not only our country but the world.  The US Dollar has been the long standing standard for conversion and comparison globally.

Inflation Control

We’ve all heard the argument about making a “Livable Wage”.  But a Livable Wage doesn’t mean you can buy the newest iPhone or the newest Car, it also doesn’t mean you’re able to eat fast food every night.  A Livable Wage is food in your belly, a roof over your head and gas to get to and from work.  If you want the privileges of eating out and the newest luxuries then you have to put in the hard work to better yourself.  Experience and a Skillset aren’t just handed out at the welfare line.  They’re earned through tireless night and long work days.  That’s why we shouldn’t be raising minimum wage, we should be making it easier to learn those necessary skillsets so more people are able to build a career.  Apprenticeships, Internships, Work Programs at School.  Only you can better yourself, the government doesn’t have your best interest at heart.

The Gold Standard

The value of the American dollar started it’s massive decline when we decided to take our currency backing away from The Gold Standard.  Currently paper money has nothing real backing it.  The only reason the Dollar has value is because we believe it does.  No resource or precious material, only the faith that cotton and paper have value when they are printed with ink and dye. 


The backbone of the entire country.  Agriculture is a necessity to any thriving civilization. 

Right To Repair

John Deere, once a name respected across the world for innovation and reliability.  Now, known for its disregard for Farmers and greed.  Some states have passed legislation that prevents Deere from requiring Farmers to bring equipment to a certified Deere mechanic and paying for the cost to haul these massive machines sometimes hours away to a Deere Dealership for repair.  Restricting Farmers from working on their own equipment stating that when they purchased the Machinery is was to “Lease the Software” that is required to operate said machines.  No more.  I plan to push legislation on a National level to require all equipment manufacturers to allow self repair or at the least require them to offer a field repair service where they send a tech out to the Farmer.

Better Education

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard a high school kid say something along the lines of “We should plant more hamburger.”  The education system has blatantly failed these kids.  We need to require Agriculture to be a required credit instead of Art and Music or PE.  Why is knowing where the food comes from behind running the mile in a government stated timeframe? 

Foreign Affairs

We need to stop worrying about the rest of the world when poverty and crisis are at our backdoor.

More Onshore Less Off Shore

We need to shift the focus of manufacturing back to America.  More Onshore solutions and factories and less outsourcing to Off Shore vendors and countries where they don’t have basic human rights for their work force.

Reduce Foreign Aid

Time after time our tax payer money is going over seas to fund some terror group, third world country or to meddle if the affairs of a foreign nation.  We should focus on rebuilding and repairing ourselves before we look to help others.  We are always told to make sure we are safe before we give aid to others in need.  Why doesn’t that apply to our Government and it’s Policies?

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