Dakota Shultz

For Congress

Representing Missouri’s Sixth Congressional District.

The Congressman Our District Needs

Born and Raised in Missouri’s Sixth Congressional District.  Dakota Shultz knows that our representatives in Washington are out of touch with the people they are supposed to represent.

A Vision For The Future

I see a future where the people we elect to fill the roles in our government are actually representing the people’s best interests and not corporations.


Actionable Issues

Some of the Issues that I feel need addressed in Washington.  Issues that I’ve gathered from others in the District.  The Issues that mean the most to You.


Term Limits of US Congress

Career Politicians have ruined our country. From their backdoor deals to line their own pockets, to the foreign interests and insider trading. They expect us to fall in line and follow the laws while they break them openly and blatantly to our faces. “Rules for thee, not for me”. No more. We the people are the one’s with all the power and it’s about time they got a reminder of that. One of the biggest issues I will push in Congress is to set Term Limits on the US House of Representatives and Senate. Three (3) terms for US House and Two (2) terms for the US Senate.

Governmental Overreach

Government Overreach is a major problem.  The criminals in Washington think that they know best.  They believe they have the right to control the people.  Telling us what we can do, how we can do it and even deciding whether or not we are allowed to work.  Sounds a lot like a communist regime, not the America I know.  The America I know has a Constitution that grants all Americans; Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness.  We have God given rights that no Government can diminish.  The right to freely traverse the United States and the right to make a living to provide for ourselves and our families.

Excessive Taxation

While Taxation is a necessary evil in Government and a Civilized Society.  Taking 40% of anyone’s income is down right Tyrannical.  When did the Government profit more than God?  Leviticus 27:30 says, “A tenth of the produce of the land, whether grain or fruit, is the Lord’s, and is Holy.” and Proverbs 3:9  says, “Honor the Lord with your wealth, with the first fruits of all your crops.”  10% of our wealth goes to God.  Why are we giving 4 times that to the Government??   

Unwarranted Censorship

We’ve all seen how the media and big tech turned against anyone with a differing opinion.  If your voice wasn’t in line with their agenda then you were made out to be the enemy.  The media has spit on our First Amendment right to Free Speech.  They’ve thrown actual Journalism out the window and peddled snake oil and lies to the entire world. No more. They should be held accountable for their actions!  If Big Tech wants to censor opposing views on its public forms and completely silence those they don’t agree with then we will revoke their protection from liability!

Regulations and Restrictions

The biggest problems we have with our Country, Economy and Society is all the overzealous regulations and restrictions.  We shouldn’t be restricting the people’s rights and we shouldn’t be regulating everything either.  When did it become the Governments business to control exactly how you as an individual lives your life?  We all deserve the freedoms that our founding fathers fought so hard for.

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About Dakota Shultz

Dakota was born and raised in Missouri’s Sixth District.  He is the son of a third generation farmer and his mother is a Navy Veteran.  He knows what hard work is and how much goes into feeding the families of America.  

Dakota has a strong determination and a great work ethic that makes him stand out.  He is passionate about America and helping rebuild the great country we all live in.  Dakota believes in strong American values.  He also believes in the American Dream;  Anyone, no matter their Race, Creed, Religion or Sex can do or be anything they want to be.  As long as you work hard, set goals and are determined to achieve them.  The world is yours.  That’s the America Dakota loves.  

Mission & Values

Dakota’s Mission is to fight for the freedoms and liberties that are our God given rights.  To give the power of governing back to the people.  A long time ago we all forgot that the power of this great nation is derived from its great people.  Dakota intends to remind Washington of that.  

Dakota values Integrity, Equality and Freedom.  He supports the Men and Women in Uniform, Veterans and Farmers.

In 1917 when Europe needed us we stood firm in the trenches.  Again in 1941 when the the world needed us we stormed the beaches of the Pacific Front.  America has always been the big brother of the world.  Saving and protecting those that needed us.  Never asking for anything in return.  Lady Liberty has endured so much.  Dakota believes it’s time we focused on her for a change.  Let’s Put America First!


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Candidate Filing Opened Today

I've officially registered today at the State Information Center for the upcoming US Congressional race in District 6 - US House of Representatives. Today marked a tremendous step forward for our campaign. Not only did I get all of the election filing done, I was also...

No More Career Politicians

No more Career Politicians in Washington! This is something we've needed for a long time now. Let's give the power back to the people and put Term Limits on Congress. I just signed the the Term Limits pledge to introduce a bill that will set term limits on the House...


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Upcoming Events

More events coming soon! smile

Shultz For Congress Fundraiser: Silent Auction & RedBrush Band @ VFW in Kirksville, MO

May 05, 2022 | 4pm – 8pm | Kirksville, Mo

We will be having a Silent Auction and the Red Brush Band play for us at the Adair Co. VFW Post 2508. The Event page has more information. The Event will start at 4pm on May 5th and go until 8pm. There will be Music, Auction Items, Food and a Cash Bar. Come enjoy some good food and great entertainment! If you would like to donate an item to the Silent Auction please reach out to us through the Event Page or the Contact Page here on the site. Thank you and hope to see ya there!

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